We understand the importance of a home, and together we make it better

Together, we are committed to proactively creating a better world, framed with a strong foundation of integrity, values, environmental and social awareness. Our focus is to build long lasting relationships by serving our community and providing our clients with the highest level of standards in workmanship and customer service.

IDO Grinber

CEO / Co-founder

With a decade of experience in general construction partnered with a design background from the East Coast, Miami and now LA for the past five years, Ido is the vision of Better Together Builders.

YANIV Brikman

CEO / Co-founder

Also with a decade of experience in general constructions, Yaniv is a seasoned contractor. When he's not passionately building homes, he's a dedicated father of two boys and three dogs.

Our Mission to Maintain Green Building Practices...


We use reclaimed materials to maximize their lifespan and will always provide the best sustainable material options for your home.


After demolition we evaluate the amount of waste and recycle materials that can be done efficiently.

Windows & Doors

Energy efficient windows, skylights and high quality door installation can improve the amount of light and reduce the air that escapes.


Programable thermostats that monitor when the temperature needs to be regulated like the Nest provide a sustainable climate control.


Flurescent lights with a dim regulator can not only reduce your electricity bill but will also set the right mood.


Top of the line water consercation toilets and low flow faucets can help you conserve water while maintaining a stylish home.

We have adopted environmentally friendly construction practices, projects, and technologies as building codes continue to update requirements and energy costs continue to increase for homeowners and developers. We view the eco-friendly "green" way as the best approach while delivering a positive return on investment financially during payback periods.

Cost, Time, and Sustainable

Starting with our seasoned team of in-house designers, we begin with our unique designs and green build approach bringing forth the best solutions. Whether your goal is to minimize your carbon footprint or maximizing your savings, Better Together Builders is here to help you achieve the most eco-friendly result.

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