Maintaining your newly remodeled space

Remodeling your home is just the start of a new chapter in your family’s life! Make sure that you keep your newly remodeled space fresh and beautiful for the years to come!

Final Walkthrough

After any successful home remodel, a walkthrough is a must! Our contractors at Better Together Builders will go through each part of your renovation project and make sure that everything is in top shape. If anything looks out of place, your contractor will make sure that the issue is fixed and that your brand new room or home is perfect!

Homeowners Insurance

Any remodel is a sign of more expensive appliances and materials. Due to this, it is best that you contact your homeowner’s insurance company to update your policy. No one wants to have their brand new kitchen, bathroom, ADU or even complete home renovation to not have coverage. In a world that’s built better together, safe is better than sorry!

Maintenance Checklist

When you enter the brand new area in your home, there will be some new toys to play with! There will also be some new maintenance routines! In order to preserve the new area in your home in top shape, maintenance is key. The best way to increase longevity is to create a maintenance list. That way you can create a routine that will keep your new kitchen, bath, ADU or even complete home fresh and smooth for the years to come! Whether it be keeping your wood floors fresh or re-sealing your stone countertops, good maintenance will keep everything beautiful and will save you money over time!

Check Filters

One thing that we can’t run away from in any remodeling project is our friend DUST! Dust is an inseparable by product of any remodeling project. Not to worry though, there is an easy solution! Right after the completion of any remodeling project, replace your air filters. Don’t know how to do it yourself? Feel free to ask your contractor for some help!

Get Ready For A Photoshoot

Happy with your recent remodeling project? Then why not share the beauty of your project with others? At Better Together Builders, we believe that building a community of clients with positive experiences is a must! One way to share that experience is with some beautiful photos. Want to take a bigger part in sharing your experience? On the day of the photoshoot, feel free to give us a video testimonial so we can let other clients know just how fun it feels to build your home better together!

Register Warranties

Just like homeowners insurance, any new appliance is very valuable! New appliances most of the time work perfectly, but for those chance moments that they don't then a good warranty policy comes into play. Make sure that your register your new appliances with the relevant companies so that your new items are protected. If you have any trouble with registering, feel free to reach out to us!