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The place where you relax and unwind

Your bathroom is the space in your home that is your private oasis to relax and unwind after a long day. It may be a smaller space than others, but this this intimate space is the place that functions as your home spa. Better Together Builders aims to build a stunning bathroom space that embodies comfort, sustainability, and functionality while being environmentally friendly.

bathroom remodeling
bathroom remodeling

Tubs & Walk-in Showers

Spacing and layout is a fundamental factor of a great bathroom. Whether it's one or the other - or both, we will work with the space to create the perfect place to get clean.

New Fixtures & Efficiency

We will help you choose flow-conscious fixtures including faucets, shower heads, sinks and toilets to reduce water usage and cost.


Each bathroom is unique, and we know the importance of functionality and aesthetic that a vanity brings to the space. Optimizing storage capability and executing the design expression of our client is our goal.


Amongst the broad array of tile options, recycled ceramic tile is a great choice for flooring, countertops and design patterns. They are typically made from recycled stone and have a wide variety of patterns and colors available.

Together we will build a bathroom that makes relaxing better

Sustainable Green Bathrooms

Better Together Builders is the most eco-friendly contractor with a mission to reduce our carbon footprint while utilizing our experience in the industry by building green bathrooms.

bathroom remodeling

Cost, Time, and Sustainable

Starting with our seasoned team of in-house designers, we begin with our unique designs and green build approach bringing forth the best solutions. Whether your goal is to minimize your carbon footprint or maximizing your savings, Better Together Builders is here to help you achieve the most eco-friendly result.

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