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Having your home under construction while living without a working kitchen and bathroom can have you debating whether or not you want to take that remodeling step. By taking the leap to remodel your home, you’ve already made an eco-friendly choice. By remodeling your home versus building a completely brand new one from the ground up, this allows materials to be reused and recycled to prevent waste. Each home improvement you make, whether it be small or big, renovating your home is a financial investment that will only increase the value of your home. An updated kitchen and bathroom are key selling factors, or additional space to that counts as an extra room will boast a larger return on your home. The monetary advantage is one of the many benefits, we believe in making your home a warmer space you, your friends, and family to enjoy for years to come.

general remodel
general remodel

Extra Money

Rent out the unit and use the income to supplement your mortgage.


Green flooring such as bamboo, ceramic tile, vinyl or engineered stone are not only beautiful, but low maintenance.

Water Efficient

We encourage flow conscious faucets, toilets, and sinks to help practice water saving techniques, and help you save on your monthly water bill.

Natural Light

Natural light is a gift that we must take advantage of so forget about blinds or drapery, take full advantage of daylight but expanding your window size of installing a new one.

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Better Together Builders stands by our integrity, and transparency, aiming to treat our clients and their home with the utmost respect as if it’s our own home. Our experienced team of professionals is here to alleviate all the stress and concerns that come with remodeling and instead creating a fun, and exciting journey. All of our qualified project managers will be available at all times to answer any questions, or concerns you may have prior, during, and post-construction. We work side by side with you to build a thoughtful, sustainable space that you’re excited and proud to call home.

room addition

Cost, Time, and Sustainable

Starting with our seasoned team of in-house designers, we begin with our unique designs and green build approach bringing forth the best solutions. Whether your goal is to minimize your carbon footprint or maximizing your savings, Better Together Builders is here to help you achieve the most eco-friendly result.

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