Sapphire Ohayon

Production Supervisor

Sapphire is the dedicated Production Supervisor at Better Together Builders, bringing over 7 years of experience in the construction industry. She finds joy in transforming outdated homes into unique and beautiful spaces, having successfully managed over 500 jobs throughout her career.

Sapphire’s love for construction is paralleled only by her love for her faithful dog, Louie. When she isn’t supervising construction projects or playing with Louie, you can find her exploring new places as travel is another of her passions. Additionally, she has a great love for makeup, often experimenting with different looks in her free time.

Company production #donebettertogether

Better Together Builders excels in delivering a seamless construction process, thanks to top-notch production management. Behind the scenes, our team, supervised by Sapphire, ensures quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction at every stage.